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Red Light Therapy

Our tanning salon is devoted solely to tanning.. All our staff is certified and focused on educating clients on tanning. Our salon is clean and client friendly, we offer 4 tanning beds and 1 Red Light Therapy bed. All of our beds have new HOT lamps and new acrylics. We also clean our beds for our clients, but have fresh towels & certified Australian Gold disinfectant in each room if clients wish to clean bed again themselves prior to tanning. Eye wear is located on a fresh towel in each bed.  Eye protection is important and must be worn. We have a vanity area were clients can remove or reapply make up. Also we have bottled water in refrigerator under vanity counter. Complimentary bottled water is available one per client per visit. We have a variety of tanning lotion sample packets, as well as, full size bottle selections. Our salon encourages the use of indoor tanning lotions followed by a good moisturizer at home. The more moisture your skin has the better you tan and the longer you maintain your glow. Outdoor tanning lotions and oils are not to be used in indoor tanning beds it can ruin the acrylics. The bed timers are controlled electronicly at front desk. Packages are sold by minutes, so clients can work up to that beautiful tan and use all the time they paid forWe appreciate our clients and hope anyone interested in a beautiful summer glow will give our salon a visit.. You will love our salon!!